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EarthMan6 Audiophile Ground Box

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The T-Adler EarthMan6 is a class leading ground box because of it's sophisticated frequency-optimized filter technology which creates static equilibrium. The EarthMan6 works like an intravenous injection to strengthen your sound stage foundation, keeping the sound background more dark and having the lowest noise in the listening environment. Our engineers have developed three natural materials, using T-Adler's proprietary production technology, and combining the physical characteristics of all materials to perform the grounding function.

The box has been created by an Italian industrial master designer. His philosophy was, that such a good audiophile device should not only be a perfectly working grounding box, but also a beautiful piece of artistically designed furniture. It is made of one piece of special metal, also to enable the engineers to control the internal airtight environment for the ground effects.

The T-Adler EarthMan6 has six connection terminals made of rhodium-plated alloy. Banana terminals and prosthetic terminals can be used. To obtain the best results we recommend to connect each device with the ground box.

Our engineers have designed four huge spiked spikes for the T-Adler EarthMan 6. These huge spikes are made of aluminum alloy and the outer layer is covered with copper. The surface design of T-Adler EarthMan6 allows the stacking of different T-Adler BRICK series products. All signs, logos and instructions on the T-Adler BRIC series products are made by CNC engraving, or handmade by us.


Our engineers arranged and stored seven natural material grains in a fixed ratio in an internal aluminum tube, and further sealed the aluminum tube before connecting to each terminal during the polarization process. These natural material grains have the following physical features:

Type 1 grain: Absorb the electric noise of electron flow and electromagnetic field, and it will clean up the electric noise of electron flow and electromagnetic field in the equipment.

Type 2 grain: The storage of electron flow and electromagnetic noise, which neutralizes and decomposes the stored electron flow and electromagnetic noise.

Type 3 grain: Electron flow and electromagnetic noise isolation, which prevents electron flow and electromagnetic noise from returning to the device.

Type 4 grain: Neutralization of electron flow and electromagnetic noise, which prevents the increase of electron flow and electromagnetic noise and reduce the efficiency of grounding.

Type 5, 6 and 7 grain: The buffer effect in the aluminum tube. In order to eliminate all the air stored in the aluminum tube, we also added three different sizes of grains to fill all the space in the aluminum tube.


We have tested all of the above over a thousand time to find out the best result of the grounding functions.



The T-Adler EarthMan6 is an active grounding box, which can be connected to all devices of your audio and video systems, and which is the best choice when you are seeking for impressive results. For the ultimate best results we recommend to use T-Adler ground cables in each terminal. Using the T-Adler EarthMan6 and our cables, you will achieve:​


- achieve the good sound quality

- more sound stage feel

- quite background

- deep sound stage

- can hear


- clear picture

- darker screen background

- stable image

- rich colors

- smooth signal


Weight: 7.7 Kg

Made by computerized numerical control machine

The body is made from one piece aluminum block

6 pieces gold plated terminal plate for ground cable connection

We recommend to use banana connection at the EarthMan6 for better performance

Internal pure copper connection

Each product has its serial number at the bottom.

Each terminal uses one aluminum tube with T-Adler 7 type grains in ratio.

Each gold surface is plated individually, so the color may have a small difference.

If you want to read the guide book please click HERE.

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