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T-Adler adopts the latest Super Diamond Silver Alloy "Ultra-Pure Diamond Silver Alloy" developed by itself as the main conductor of the Galaxy Series.

Introduction of T-Adler Galaxy Series


​Main conductor


  • ​T-Adler adopts the latest Super Diamond Silver Alloy (Ultra-Pure Diamond Silver Alloy) developed by itself as the main conductor of the Galaxy Series.

  • T-Adler Ultra-Pure Diamond-Silver alloy is manufactured by ultra-vacuum casting method.

  • High-purity oxygen-free silver is smelted by induction heating in a vacuum environment, and eddy currents will be generated during the electromagnetic induction process to melt the metal.

  • Smelting under vacuum can easily remove nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dissolved in silver to a much lower level than smelting under normal pressure.

  • At the same time, impurity elements (copper, zinc, lead, antimony, bismuth, tin and arsenic, etc.) whose vapor pressure is higher than that of the base metal at the melting temperature can be removed by volatilization. This process can be used to refine high-purity metals.


​Ultra-Pure Diamond Silver Alloy


  • ​Common pure silver crystals will inevitably produce gaps during the wire drawing process, which will affect the current or signal conduction ability and cause distortion.

  • T-Adler avoids the gaps between silver crystals during the production process, so gold elements are used to fill the gaps between silver crystals, which greatly improves the sound performance.

  • The gold in the conductor lands in the correct place in the crystal lattice, only to make the conductor better over time.

  • During this process, T-Adler used the ultra-vacuum casting method to avoid gas remaining in the gaps, so that all the air between the silver crystals was sucked out. Gold elements are added to fill the gaps in the pure silver crystals.

  • When the customer uses the product, the conductor will generate heat energy, and the heat energy will cause the gas in the gap to expand, which will not only destroy the stability of the gold element between the pure silver crystals, but will even increase the gap between the pure silver crystals, thus affecting Ability to conduct electricity and signals.

Advantages of Ultra-Pure Diamond Silver Alloy


  • ​Metal materials through vacuum induction smelting can significantly improve various properties such as toughness, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature creep performance and magnetic permeability. There are obvious effects in terms of degree and so on.

  • The main application of vacuum melting: military industry, aerospace technology and other precision processing and high-end demand applications!

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