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SOLOMON Audiophile grade power PLUGS


A power plug is the connection between the audio equipment and the power supply, and it looks like an exchange center. If we don't control the features of this area, it will create noise, interference, power lost, and distortion. Because of this, T-Adler invested a lot of time for research and development, the aim is to provide and smooth transaction from wall power to the power cable through the plug and then from cable to the audio system through the negative plug.


All metals are plated with Rhodium material to prevent the oxidation on the metal surface. One part of the aluminum body is made by CNC process. The other aluminum part is made by a mould. The aim is to have 2 materials to mutual absorption of the resonant vibration. We developed the world's best noise terminator layer which is the crystal material on themetal surface to neutralize the dirty electron. T-Adler selects an insulated paint on the outer surface to prevent the loss of the electrical power from the magnetic flux. All the outer screws are connected to the internal aluminum surface so as to increase the ground surface area to collect the eliminated static by the jumper system. Carbon is used around the aluminum case to prevent the interference from the outer area. A secure clamp system is used to ensure the conductor in the safe position. Special design construction of the clamp to hold the big cable.


  • Audiophile grade power plug

  • Power reserving system to prevent the loss of the power.

  • Sealing body to secure the current direct into the conductor without losing the power from the magnetic flux.

  • Long life

  • Anti-interference carbon sheet to protect the environment effects.

  • Anti-resonance

  • Damping effects from the 50/60Hz from the electrical signal.

  • Distortion free


It can be used for most power cables.

For audio purpose, you can achieve

  • Good sound quality  

  • More sound stage feel  

  • Quiet background  

  • Deep sound stage  

  • Can hear more content

For video purpose, you can achieve

  • Clear picture  

  • More dark background  

  • Stable image  

  • Rich color  

  • Smoothing signal


Audiophile Grade Nema 5-15P Power Plug

3 wire grounding

Working Voltage : AC 125/15A

Dielectric Voltage : 1250V AC

Insulation Resistance : 1000MΩ at 500V DC/ 1 minute

Outer body : Aluminum

Plastic body : PC 94V-2-0 Fire retardant

Screw : Stainless steel 304

Terminal material : Pure-Copper Rhodium-plated Conductor

Electro-plating : All Screws and the terminal are plated with Rhodium

Carbon fiber glass sheet : Black color with damping material

Cable acceptable : 6 to 20mm diameter

RoHS compliance

11_Solomon-Audiophile Power Plug_A3 size_foamboard+black frame.jpg
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