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Titan rca connecting CABLE


The quality of audio and video signals has improved significantly over the years, and so has the quality of RCA cables. T-Adler now uses gold-plated connectors that have reinforced molding for strain relief. At the same time the cable has an extra shield to prevent unwanted noise and interference. Our RCA cables have higher bandwidth than older cables. This means they can transmit more data, resulting in a higher quality signal.


T-Adler uses the oxygen-free high thermal conductivity copper ( OFHC ) which is the highest conductivity material for signal path. Our conductor is the C10100 type with 99.99% pure copper with 0.0005% oxygen content.

T-Adler takes out all the impurity and add the silver Ag into the chemical specification.

The conductors are manufactured with Cryogenics process to raise up the purity content to 99.99% With so small a content of extraneous elements, the inherent properties of elemental copper are brought forth to a high degree. These characteristics are high ductility as well as high electrical and thermal conductivity.                                                   

T-Adler uses 64 x 0.1mm copper strands


It is a very high conductivity and high RF rejection cable.

We are totally using 5 conductors, 3 as the positive and 2 as the ground connection.

T-Adler specially developed the new Oscar gold plated RCA terminal.

All the conductors are twisted into one direction to balance all the RF-rejection.

It is a very flexible cable.


1.8 meter length

Weight : 900 g

Diameter : 20 mm

Conductor resistance : Less than 39 ohm per one kilometer max.

Shielding resistance : less than 28 ohm

Conductor Capacitance : Less than 50 nF per one kilometer

Capacitor shield : less than 101 nF per one kilometer

Power rating : low voltage

Temperature : -30 to + 70C

Color of the cable : black

Color of the metal holder : black

Limited number : no list

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