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sheba audiophile speaker spade connector


The Speaker terminal is the connection between the amplifier and the speaker. It is a low voltage signal path as it is very sensitive from the related components. It also works like an exchange center which is very sensitive. If we don't control the features of this area, noise, interference, signal lost, and distortion creation.

T-Adler invested a lot of time for research and development to provide and smooth signal transfer between the cable and the speaker.


All metals are plated with gold material to prevent all the oxidation on the metal surface.

We have invested time in the research that gold is the best silk effects for the low 

voltage signal. One part of the aluminum body is made by CNC process. The other aluminum part is made with a mould. The aim is to have 2 materials to mutual absorption of the resonant vibration.

We have developed the world's best noise terminator layer, which is the crystal material on the metal surface to neutralize the dirty electron.

We put carbon around the aluminum case to prevent the interferences from the outside


  • Audio grade speaker terminal

  • Long life

  • Anti-interference carbon sheet to protect the environment effects.

  • Anti-resonance

  • Damping effects

  • Distortion free


It can be used with the speaker cable to achieve

  • Good sound quality  

  • More sound stage feel  

  • Quiet background  

  • Deep sound stage  

  • Hearing more content


Audiophile Grade 

Outer body : Aluminum

Screw : Stainless steel 304

Connecting material : Pure-Copper plated with gold

Carbon fiber glass sheet : Black color with damping material

RoHS compliance

12_Sheba-Audiophile Speaker Spade Connector_A3 size_foamboard+black frame.jpg
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