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  • Ultra-vacuum cast copper conductor

  • Three-layer metal braided sleeving

  • Use high voltage Teflon material

  • New developed cryogenic process

Introduction of T-Adler Crystal Series


​Ultra-vacuum cast copper conductor


  • Since the impurities in the copper conductor are very high, we use another ultra-vacuum casting mode to remove the impurities, which will affect the uniformity of the resistance of the entire conductor.

  • After the ultra-vacuum casting method, the copper crystal structure will be further stabilized.

  • When smelting copper in ultra-vacuum casting, use the method of directional growth and rapid solidification to elongate the crystal growth of copper, the longest can reach more than 100 meters, so that the grain boundaries in the wire disappear, and the grain boundaries and oxides are fundamentally eliminated effect on signal distortion.


​Three-layer metal braided sleeving


  • The outer metal braided sleeving to prevent external interference.

  • The metal braided sleeving in the middle layer is in contact with our ground wire and the plug is continuous to form a protective layer.

  • The inner metal braided sleeving is used to protect the energy released by the conductor.

  • Between the three layers of metal braided sleeving, a multi-layer protective layer is added to control and stabilize the physical influence of all metal braided sleeving on the crystalline copper conductor.

Use high voltage Teflon material


  • T-Adler tested different Teflon and found that materials with different sizes and thicknesses have great differences in wire performance.

  • T-Adler's research shows that the use of high-voltage Teflon will affect the influence between conductors.

  • Choosing a specific thickness and material of Teflon will also affect the overall performance.

Newly developed cryogenic process

  • T-Adler changed the cryogenic treatment conditions and found different effects.

  • The cryogenic time is extended, which significantly improves the background static.

  • Three consecutive cryogenic processes can increase the stability of the line performance.

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