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Guide Book
EarthMan6 / EarthMan Set Audiophile Ground Box

Congratulations and thank you for choosing the T-Adler EarthMan !

Please take the time to go through this guidebook which we have divided into different sections to provide some important points.



The T-Adler EarthMan is a class leading grounding box because of its sophisticated frequency-optimized filter technology which creates static equilibrium.


The EarthMan works like an intravenous injection to strengthen your sound stage foundation, keeping the sound background more dark and having the lowest noise in the listening environment.


Before connection, please study this guidebook and write down all the important points because it is a new technology ground box. Please handle it as other similar ground boxes.


The EarthMan must be placed on a horizontal place in clean and dry environment. You can arrange the rack together with other equipment at the same level. Please make sure it is minimum 10cm away from other audio equipment.

Don't expose the device to direct sunlight.

1 to 1

One terminal of the ground box can only work with one audio device in a system.


The ground box terminal which connects to the audio system must be the output of the device.


Pleased be sure that no positive output connected. It will create the loop of the connection which may destroy your audio system.


The EarthMan6 terminals cannot be connected to other EarthMan6 terminals of the same unit.


The EarthMan is not a waterproof device.


The ground cable is not the same like other types of cables. It is just to connect to the ground of your device terminal. T-Adler is using 3 conductors to form the ground skin which will decrease the interference on the conductor skin.

For the best performance, we highly recommend to use our T-Adler ground cables.


The EarthMan has no internal circuitry, but we have designed a very strong flow channel to pull the dirty signals from the audio devices to our static charge incinerator.


Each device is plated individually, a very little color difference may occur.


  • 1 to 1 connection

  • Connect with negative poles of the audio equipment or the ground output

  • Transport - Connect with their AES, RCA, XLR negative of the output or the sound output

  • D/A convertor - Connect from the XLR, RCA negative pole of the output or the sound output

  • Pre-amplifier - Connect from the XLR, RCA negative pole of the output or the sound output

  • Power amplifier - Connect from the XLR, RCA negative pole of the output or the sound output


Please connect all the ground cables with crossing, so the back area terminal will connect to the equipment at the back side and vice versa.


No need to use any solvent to clean the EarthMan. The only way is to use fine fibers material to wipe lightly on the surface.

The plastic sheet on the top surface could be kept without any performance effects as this sheet which is for protection only.


If any question, please contact one of our retailers. Special equipment is required to open the case. Otherwise the air will go into the device and will decrease the function of the EarthMan6. The appearance of the plated are not included the warranty.


T-Adler EarthMan6 has all the manufacturing data of each serial number.


The warranty time is 2 years after the purchasing date with invoice. The warranty is not transferable. This Warranty does not cover or apply to: misuse, modification, operation or storage outside environmental limits of the product or the equipment connected to it, nor for damage while in transit or in storage, nor if there has been improper operation or maintenance, or use with items not designed or intended for use with the product, such as laser printers, appliances, aquariums, medical or life support devices, etc.

This is a high-end audiophile product. We designed it for the reason to have the best sound performance in audio systems. If it appears that our product failed to protect any equipment plugged into it, T-Adler will not respond to all the problems and cost.

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