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Vermilion bird power cable


Our engineers are using Bruel & Kjaer audio analyzer to calibrate the performance of the Vermilion Bird Power Cable, to achieve the bounce of music. The VBPC is not a very fast response power cord. But if you want to enjoy fast-moving and powerful music,  the VBPC is your best choice. We recommend connecting this power cord to the pre-amplifier, but the final decision should be made by the user.

The structure of VERMILION BIRD Power Cable

  • Aluminum metal hammer

  • External black shielding tube

  • Elastic shape control tube

  • Internal conductor

  • T-Adler electrical plug EP01

  • T-Adler power socket EP02

Technical data

Conductor resistance: <Ohm / km

Rated voltage:

300 / 500V

Test voltage: 2000 V off

Temperature range: -30° to + 70°C

Maximum Watt Load: @Current 15A/line <1300W

Mechanical data

Cable length: 1.5M-1.9M

Cable thickness: 20mm

Power plug diameter: 5cm

The height of the power plug: 9cm

Power socket diameter: 5cm

The height of the power socket: 9cm

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