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Guide Book
PowerMan5 Audiophile Power Distribution Unit


Congratulations and thank you for choosing the T-Adler PowerMan5 !

Please take the time to go through this guidebook which we have divided into different sections to provide some important points.



The T-Adler PowerMan5 is an excellent power distribution unit. T-Adler engineers have selected the best materials and designed the sophisticated internal construction to prevent power lost and interference.


The PowerMan5 works as the power distribution unit to allocate all the power into the audio devices in the audio system.


Before connection, please study this guidebook and write down all the important points. It is the new technology. Please handle it as other similar PDU.


Read the following safety precautions before installing or operating the Power Distribution Units (PDU):

The PDU must be plugged into a three-wire, grounded outlet on a circuit that is protected by a fuse or circuit breaker.

Connection to any other type of power outlet may result in a shock hazard. Do not use extension cords or adapters with this PDU.

Never install a PDU, or associated wiring or equipment, during a lightning storm.

Ensure that the power cord, plug, and socket are in good condition.


The PowerMan5 must be placed on a horizontal place in clean and dry environment. You can arrange the rack together with other equipment at the same level. Please make sure it is minimum 10cm from other audio equipment.

Don't expose the device to direct sunlight.

The product and equipment connected to it must have been used properly in a suitable and proper environment and in conformance with any license, instruction manual, or warnings provided with the product and the equipment connected to it.

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The product must have been plugged directly into the power source and the equipment connected to the product must be directly connected to the product and not "daisy-chained" together in serial fashion with any extension cords, another product or device similar to the product, to exclude surge suppressor or power tap.


For the best performance, we highly recommend to use our T-Adler Power cable.


All electrical plugs on the power cable to our PowerMan5 must be connected to all 3 terminals i.e. Live, Neutral and Earth.

This warranty does not apply unless the product and the equipment that was connected to it were connected to properly wired and grounded outlets (including compliance with electrical and safety codes of the most current electrical code), without the use of any adapters or other connectors.


The product must have been used at all times within the limitations on the product's VA capacity.


The PowerMan5 input and output cannot be connected to each other. The output must connect to the other audio equipment.


The POWER MAN 5 is not a waterproof device.


The T-Adler PowerMan5 has no internal electrical circuitry.


Each device is plated individually, a very little color difference is occurred.


All PowerMan5 have 1 x IEC C13 input and 5 x NEMA 5 -15P output.


Please connect all the ground cables with crossing. So the back area terminal will connect to the equipment at the back side and vice versa.


No need to use any solvent to clean the POWER MAN 5. The only way is to use fine fibers material to wipe lightly on the surface.

The plastic sheet on the top surface can be kept and without any performance effects as this sheet is for protection only.


If any question, please contact one of our retailers. Special equipment is required to open the case. Otherwise the function of the PowerMan5 will decrease.


The warranty is not transferable.

This warranty does not cover or apply to: misuse, modification, operation or storage outside environmental limits of the product or the equipment connected to it, nor for damage while in transit or in storage, nor if there has been improper operation or maintenance, or use with items not designed or intended for use with the product, such as laser printers, appliances, aquariums, medical or life support devices, etc.

This is a high-end audiophile product. We designed it for the reason to have the best sound performance in the audio system. If it appears that our product failed to protect any equipment plugged into it, T-Adler will not respond to all the problems and cost.

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