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T-Adler engineers spent a lot of manpower, material resources and time, through continuous testing, continuous analysis, and bold attempts. After more than 7 years of hard work, they finally developed the unique characteristics of the twisted series power cord.


Thanks to the help of the Bruel & Kjaer audio analyzer, the T-Adler team of engineers can master the internal structure more scientifically when designing the twisted series power cords, so as to achieve our research goals.


In the past, T-Adler used copper wires of different diameters to change the speed of electronic transmission. This time in the twisted series, the designer adopted another new method to change the speed of electronic transmission.

The raw materials developed by the T-Adler engineering team are mixed on different copper wires. The effect of the electronic transmission rate is the same as different diameter wires, and the efficiency is much higher. Because the electrons are transmitted on the surface of the wire, T-Adler’s new carbon-based raw materials can increase the smoothness of the electrons. This allows electrons to transmit at various speeds. Engineers use the capabilities of new materials to enable our team to maintain the use of large-diameter main wires and generate high capacitance values.


The T-Adler team of engineers has invested a lot of time and energy in the process of studying the discussion of the sound field imaging, fully considering how the actual situation of the recording environment can be perfectly reflected in the environment and process of enjoying music, and The accuracy of the audio equipment, the design of the room, the placement of the speakers, the position and mood of the user listening to the music, etc., all have a certain impact on the imaging power of the audio sound field. T-Adler engineers not only perfectly enabled the audio equipment to display the basic elements of music, but also brought the recording environment to the listening scene.


Twisted series power cords are set in different audio systems to give full play to the potential of audio equipment. If you want to combine a high-end system with a surround sound system, it is definitely the best choice.


Sincerely recommend appreciating and use the company's honorary product "twisted series power cord", to bring you the supreme music enjoyment!



The T-Adler Twist Series power cord series have two different power levels, each of which has many different models, and each model has its own unique internal design.


One level is high voltage level, such as 230V AC, referred to as HVD (High Voltage Differential) is mainly to provide and output power to audio equipment; the other level is low-level design, referred to as LVD (Low Voltage Differential), the main function is to transmit and output the signal between equipment and equipment.


The T-Adler Twist series High Voltage Differential HVD is designed mainly for power cords, equipped with wall sockets, which can be connected to the power cords of the equipment. In modern high-end audio systems, there are also equipment that handles power supply units independently.


The T-Adler Twist series Low Voltage Differential LVD is designed to connect equipment in the audio system. At present, the RCA and XLR in the T-Alder classic series are up to 9 conductors.  We are using different diameter of the threads to build our speaker cables.  RCA and XLR digital cable, ground cable and headphone cables………… In twist line, we will launch all the LVD cables in the future. 


T-Adler chooses a very expensive high-quality conductor as its basic raw material. It is not only selected from the perspective of purity, but also develops and mixes specific raw materials to increase the efficiency of electron conduction. T-Adler purchases a large amount of raw materials, cooperates with a considerable amount of production to reduce the market price, so that every audio enthusiast can perfectly reflect the environment and process of enjoying music. T-Adler has designed a new series of cables with heart, technology, and the human ear’s response to sound, so as to present the characteristics of the audio equipment to the real scene.


T-Adler engineer High Voltage Differential design is based on how to prevent power loss, while maintaining the best power of audiophile equipment, to ensure the best power supply conditions to the audio equipment.

T-Adler must ensure that the AC frequency is powered by the original sine wave at a frequency of 50/60, and the shape of the sine wave cannot be affected by noise, distortion, buckling or distortion.

Twist technology can not only reduce the internal resistance of the power supply, but also reduce high-frequency clutter interference. T-Adler plug and socket help reduce the source of power loss.


T-Adler engineer Low Voltage Differential design is based on how to prevent EMI and RFI signal lines from interfering with high-sensitivity low-power level cables.

Keep the original nature of the source. Reduce the attenuation of the signal source in the transmission.

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