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black tortoise power cable


Our engineers are using Bruel & Kjaer audio analyzer to calibrate the performance of the Black Tortoise Power Cable. The Black Tortoise power cord is an excellent cord for stage performances, i.e. it will provide very wide and detailed audio for high-end equipment. If users like to listen to band performances, orchestra performances etc., then the BTPC cord will provide excellent stage performance sound for the audio systems. We recommend connecting this power cord to the signal source, but the final decision should be made by the user.

The structure of BLACK TORTOISE Power Cable

  • Aluminum metal hammer

  • External black shielding tube

  • Elastic shape control tube

  • Internal conductor

  • T-Adler electrical plug EP01

  • T-Adler power socket EP02


Technical data

Conductor resistance: <Ohm / km

Rated voltage:

300 / 500V

Test voltage: 2000 V off

Temperature range: -30° to + 70°C

Maximum Watt Load: @Current 15A/line <1300W

Mechanical data

Cable length: 1.5m-1.9m

Cable thickness: 20mm

Power plug diameter: 5cm

The height of the power plug: 9cm

Power socket diameter: 5cm

The height of the power socket: 9cm

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